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Property Management

4740 Flintridge Dr Ste 110 Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80918

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(719) 260-9970

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It's sad that I even have to rate Byrne mgmt with 1 star as they don't even deserve that. Byrne management lacks the professionalism, communication, expertise and empathy for its tenants. Byrne Management claims to "provide QUALITY residential real estate and property managment throughout the Pikes Peak region." Yet they seem to be unaware of a lot of issues regarding their property. When notified they don't have to curtesy to communicate the progress on the issues. I do not recommend nor will I ever refer someone to lease/buy a property from Byrne Mgmt. Stay clear from this company as the are very shiesty.
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Couldn't rate 0 . Had to give them 1 star. They advertiseven rentals to collect application fees. Rejected us with 750 credit score. Wouldn't answer calls or emails. Scam . Shameful
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As a homeowner I would advise anyone to not use Byrne Management. We used them from September 2011 until April 2013 when we moved back into our home. At the beginning they were very friendly and helpful, but after there were residents in our home, they neither communicated with us or our tenants. When I first signed with them, Angela Byrne the owner used a video camera to take film inside and outside the house as she said the house would be returned to its original condition. However, I could tell there was no film in the tape. Now Byrne Management said the tape has gone missing and there is no proof of how our house looked. I sent them pictures dated at the same time as the agreement was signed, but they ignored them. If you are interested in getting your rent on time they are great. If you or your resident has a problem with the house, they do not return calls or emails. I had Sam Byrne scream down the phone at me because I wanted an estimate on damages done on our house by the last tenant. Their invoices they sent me on repairs are behind from December and we are still getting bills for work done which we already paid for. Bryne Management is so unprofessional they send out invoices with a pink sticky note handwritten telling you to pay by end of the month. Byrne has many negative reviews on both Yahoo and Google. Since I started monitoring the reviews in November 2012 I noticed they removed them from the Yellow Pages (YP) and blocked any further reviews. They also change their addresses very quickly. When we moved back into our home, damages were extensive. Instead of accepting estimates by landscapers or contractors for the damage, Byrne sent me the two in-processing sheets for the previous two tenants and told me to figure out which one did the damage. We will probably see no money from them, but the experience has been so bad that I just want to put it behind me. Check out ratings at these places:,, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have a number of complaints about them, all resolved. The only reason they get an A rating from BBB is because they pay their dues, have been in business since 2009 and will resolve complaints if force by the BBB. I advise anyone wanting to use this company to check them out closely, and then check again.
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We moved into our house with a 6 month lease we planned on renewing. A month after we move in, a foreclosure notice is posted on our door. Being military, we move too much already and were worried about getting booted out. Byrne had no idea the owners weren t paying their mortgage. We talked to a woman about it and she told us it would take a long time for the foreclosure to go through and that after our lease was up they would put us on a month to month lease and when the bank notified us it has been foreclosed, we could live at the property rent free for 90 days or we would get a cash for keys offer. (she shouldn t have promised us anything like that as she cant possibly know what the bank would do.) We talked to some lawyers and they have told us to get out of the house as soon as possible. Right now the owners are taking our money and running with it. not very happy. Well we found a house that we need to move into a week before our lease is up and went to talk to the same woman as before, who was super nice and very helpful, about getting our deposit back early so we can get into the new house. It seemed to me that as soon as she realized we wont be signing another lease with them, she decided to be rude. told us it s our fault that we have to move because of the lease we signed and had an all around BAD attitude towards us. Told us that a month before our lease is up we need to bring them a written statement saying we will be moving out, then she ll put in for the deposit, which can take up to 90 days. I d like to know why they didn t know that the homeowners weren t paying their mortgage. Seems to me they would check on things like that. Edited: The woman from Byrne called because of our reviews. She wanted us to remove the review. Removed caps. More attitude, wouldn t let me speak and kept speaking over me. Told us they could have fired the people who own the home when they found out they hadn t been paying their mortgage but didn t so they could help us. They haven t been able to answer any of our questions or get in touch with the home owners about the foreclosure. They didn t know about the foreclosure or anything going on with it until we told them. They ve gotten us approval for a puppy, which we appreciate very much. Other than that they haven t been able to help us with any thing to do with the foreclosure, other than telling us we have to stay until our lease is up. Not removing the review because I think people should know what happened to us in this situation. I know this can happen anywhere you rent but it is being handled very poorly by Byrne.

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