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Diagnostic Imaging

8002 Kew Gardens Rd Lbby 2 Kew Gardens, New York, 11415

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(718) 544-5383

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I normally don't write reviews but this is the exception. I went for a an x-ray and an ultrasound (the most basic and fastest imaging analysis possible). My appointment was at 10:00 with fasting and both of the exams were done between 2:30 and 3 o clock with no food and water since the night before. Staff is totally unprofessional and they book whoever calls them. Not sure why doctors are in love with this place and specifically ask you to go there. If you have nothing better to do for 5 hours, go there. I would go to Quest any day over these morons. They think their business is in India where everything is delayed by God knows how long..Avoid at all cost!!
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DO NOT GO !!! The other reviews are right. My father had a CT scan scheduled for 11am. They still havent taken him for the scan yet and its 1220. He was waiting since 9am. They gave him 10-15 pages of paperwork to fill out even though he has been there before for the same case. This is the LAST TIME, I will be going there. It is a nightmare!!! DO NOT GO!!!
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Not knowing any podiatrists in NYC at the time, the one I went to didn't have any x-ray machines so sent me here (walking on a fractured foot). This place is a dirty jungle, the front office receptionists are rude and not friendly, waiting area is dirty with stained chairs and the wait times are ridiculous. I sat for close to an hour waiting to get x-rays. Afterwards I requested a copy of my x-rays on CD, which they said they couldn't do and already sent them to my doctor. After pushing for a copy of them, they finally printed them out rather than giving me a digital format. Maybe I'll just frame and hang them on my wall.
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ZERO STARS!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Oh my god, what a terrible experience I had with this office. An absolutely atrocious medical facility. The Indian woman who is the main receptionist here is a grade A P.O.S. A truly vile and grotesque excuse for a human being. First of all, they would only give me an early morning appointment for my MRI. 8am they said. The car service they use insisted on picking me up at 7am. The office administrator who made the car service appointment insisted on me being picked up at 7am. So the car service picks me up, and I arrive at the office at 7:05AM. The actual office doesn't even open until 8am. So, I wait outside in the cold for 55 minutes for the office to open. By this time I have the sniffles and the chills. Once inside, this snide, pompous and extremely low self esteem Indian female receptionist starts shouting at me in front of all the other patients saying that I dont have the proper paperwork and that they cannot give me the MRI today. This godforsaken woman felt the need to belittle me in front of the entire office. Completely unprofessional and it speaks volumes to the type of professional help that is employed here and how seriously the proprietors of this clinic value their patients business. I'm assuming she is somehow related to the Doshi family that owns this facility because there is absolutely no way in hell that a person with this type of attitude gets hired in a professional setting anywhere on the planet. This woman really hates her job, and hates herself, and she just loves to take it out on the patients of this clinic. If you happen to get a referral to this office from your physician avoid at all costs and find another place that does MRI's. I would never risk my life going into an MRI machine at this place, where the office administrators don't even know how to set appointments and can't even be bothered to show the patients even a shred of human decency. Avoid this hellhole at all costs!

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