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7503 Surratts Rd  Clinton , Maryland, 20735

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(301) 877-4443

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I went to this Hospitals ER 2 days ago. Normally i go elsewhere since i have never had such great experiences at this one. But, 2 days ago i found it hard to breath, as the day went on it got to the point where i was struggling. We only went this this Hospital seeing as how it was the closest to our house and i really thought i was in need of medical assistance right then and there (which i was). As we get there i go to the front desk gasping for air, the lady behind the desk could care less. She still made me sit down to have my blood pressure taken and answer an unbelievable amount of questions. I told her i was struggling to breath and couldn't answer, her words "Ma'm, you need to answer these questions" in the most snottiest disrespectful way possible. Really? I'm freaking out because I cant breath and you're worried about questions. A young nurse takes me into the other room to get an EKG, my heart reads normal. Which i knew it wasn't my heart, it was something regarding my lungs. Since my heart was beating normal i had to sit in the waiting room. Now I'm not at all saying i should've be seen over the other people in the ER, but I thought my life was in danger, i was GASPING for air at this point. GASPING. The other people in the ER were even telling the Girl at the front desk to have someone see me NOW. She says "what do you want me to do?!?! There's no room ready for you, you're going to have to sit down and wait just like everyone else." It was like she enjoyed having power over everyone instead of actually caring. I know people who work at hospitals deal with a lot and see a lot of stuff we wouldn't normally have to. But DO NOT work in a field such as this where someone may TRULY think there is something wrong, freaking out and all you can do is act completely unprofessional and want no part of it and roll your eyes. The Drs were amazing once I was actually seen. But if this hospital wants a better name for itself, work on who you hire at your front desks. Especially the ER where you are most busy. I wish i would have gotten this lady's name. She does not deserve to be employed anywhere in any hospital with how she couldn't care less.
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I just had a full hysterectomy on Tuesday April 19, 2016. Although no one wants surgery, this was the best ever when it comes to being taken care of. The preop nurses were so gentle and kind. It was even kinda fun waiting for my turn. Everyone had a great additude and some with a great sence of humor. I had to stay over night unexpectedly and was put on the maternity ward. Every time a nurse came in no matter what time of day or night, they were cheerful and helpful. No one likes to be woken up every few hours for vitals but that's just how it is, but the were quick and polite. Thank you so much for the care and respect all of you gave me. Because of the pain meds, I only remember a few names. So Annie and Loretta, you and your staff are awesome. I believe if you start off with a good and polite attitude, the vibe will spread and you shall receive what you give right back from others. Saying thank you is a very powerful word and if you say it enough, it becomes habit. For those who did not experience the awesome care that I did, maybe it started off with your attitude. If no then I'm am so sorry I hear about your experience and the lack of care you did my received.
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HORRIBLE HOSPITAL!!!!! I went here because I was having a miscarriage. Firstly I had to wait over an hour to be taken back, then during my checking in I had to talk to two different front desk people who asked the same questions-when is your due date, how far along are you ect. Then when I get back I see a PA, not doctor. The nurse comes in and gives me a IV in my arm, and tells me to give a urine sample. There is no where to put it in the bathroom, so I walk it out and she tells me to put it in my room and she'll get it which she never does. After hours of nothing I get taken to the lab where the ghetto lady with an attitude does my sonogram and argues with me that I they wouldn't hear a heartbeat or see anything at 5 weeks even though there was one earlier that day. I ask her if she saw the baby in the sonogram and she refuses to tell me and says the doctor will tell me. I go back to this room and wait some more and start complaining because at this point I've been there for 4 hours and nothing is happening. The other nurse understands my pain and calls someone. Then he hooks me up to something to check my oxygen-for no apparent reason. I had taken my IV out hours ago and no one even noticed. Then around 1 a.m after arriving at 8:30, the doctor comes in saying the lab results just came, we can show you the time, and I say I don't care did you see my baby. She shakes her head and says "but you need to go back to your original doctor because with our technology we wouldn't see anything that soon and he did, We're still waiting on you blood work though, so stick around." I get up and leave not knowing whether my child was alive or dead. Then when the bills come in, they get my insurance wrong TWICE, and try to double bill me. Now in March, they finally got my insurance and amount owed correct in March. DO NOT GO HERE
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Cannot say enough good things about the Labor & Delivery and Maternity Departments. We arrived via ambulance from Andrews AFB (as they do not have OB services currently on base) at 11p. Although you would expect a more thin than normal staff at this hour, they were more than aptly prepared for us. We had a successful delivery, all with House Physicians and RN's, as my wife had been receiving care in Ohio prior to delivery. The staff was phenomenal and took amazing care of my wife, daughter, and even myself. A true diamond in the rough. Thank you, Southern Maryland.

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