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About Us

QUO VADIS is a Media Ministry primarily using Internet and Satellite Broadcasting to reach thousands of people with the Gospel. We plan to expand using literature and Bible study material as well as other forms to reach the most people possible locally and internationally.
Our Vision
QUO VADIS MINISTRY our greatest passion is to see the deep impact of the gospel in people who are touched through faith in Jesus Christ. We desire to reveal to the world that Christ is God and the only hope for a broken humanity. The gospel is clear in its unflinching declaration that the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among us, that God was on a mission and it culminated in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to accomplish the Father’s work of restoration and his face was set like a flint to see that that work was accomplished. The gospel is simply not the gospel without this focused portion of history—the death of Christ and all that surrounded it. It was a significant death, a voluntary death, a motive-filled death. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. If this is true, if this really happened, if indeed this planet was interrupted by an invasion of the healing, forgiving, loving, and self-giving God, then history changed indeed, and our lives have been redirected to more than only a lifetime in this world but to a greater purpose to take the same path and to follow in the footsteps of our Lord!
Our Team
Quo Vadis. Translated from Latin: ” Where are you going?”
Who are we? Quo Vadis is another Satellite ministry on the horizon. Wemay ask, Why another one? Don’t we have enough of them? This was our question too, Do we need another new ministry? There are so many Adventist channels, why another one?
Let me start by introducing ourselves: We have been in the SDA message for 50 years. We believe in all the doctrines and fundamental beliefs of the SDA CHURCH. We believe in the imminent return of Christ and are hoping this will happen in our life-time.
But our question is: Where are we going?? Are we ready for that imminent return of Jesus Christ?
Can Jesus accept us as we live right now? Are we reconciled with our fellow men, is there anything that can keep us out of heaven. Do we have a real, personal, relationship with Christ, and do we even understand what that means?
There are many cliché’s in our circles that are being thrown around, but I believe many of us have no personal understanding of Christ. We so easily follow the preachers and they become our hero’s because we flock after them. One day we will stand alone before Christ and possibly in the world to give an account of our own faith.
We need to know how to love Him and how to surrender our will to Christ’s will, what it means to die to self, what it means to be born again, what it means to walk the narrow and straight way despite any obstacles, despite of pain and sorrow, despite trials, despite persecution, despite slander or any other hurtful situation.
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