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3333 S Bannock St  Englewood , Colorado, 80110

(303) 337-0474

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Criminal Defense Attorney: The right criminal defense attorney can make all the difference when you’re under investigation or faced with criminal charges in Colorado. With the Iyer Law Office on your side, you can trust their experienced and skilled legal team to work relentlessly and aggressively to provide you with a winning defense. A former prosecutor, Attorney V Iyer has expertise and insight from both sides of the courtroom. He has an extensive trial experience as a criminal defense attorney and has successfully argued thousands of cases. The Iyer Law Office in Denver provides criminal defense in the following practice areas and more:

Criminal Defense
DUI Defense
DWAI Defense
Felony DUI Defense
Domestic Violence Defense
Habitual Domestic Violence Offenders Defense
Juvenile Crimes Defense
Dependency and Neglect Defense
Sexual Crimes Defense
Protection Order Defense
Assault and Battery Defense
Burglary Defense
Habitual Burglary Offender Defense
Possession of Burglary Tools Defense
Robbery Defense
Theft Defense
Theft of Rental Property Defense
Theft of Trade Secrets Defense
Theft of Medical Records Defense
Theft of Medical Information Defense
Criminal Mischief Defense
Criminal Trespass Defense
Criminal Tampering Defense
Tampering with Oil and Gas Equipment Defense
Tampering with Oil and Gas Operations Defense
Theft of Sound Recordings Defense
Theft of Cable and Television Service Defense
Theft of Public Transportation Defense
Forgery Defense
Forged Academic Record Defense
Possession of Forged Instrument Defense
Possession of Forged Devices Defense
Criminal Impersonation Defense
Fraudulent Use of a Credit Device Defense
Fraudulent Use of Check Card Defense
Fraud by Check Defense
Defrauding a Secured Creditor Defense
Defrauding a Debtor Defense
Purchase on Credit Defense
Insurance Fraud Defense
Unemployment Benefits Fraud Defense
Disability Benefits Fraud Defense
Destruction of Property Defense
Money Laundering Defense
Bribery Defense
Uniform Commercial Code Fraud Defense
Financial Transaction Device Fraud Defense
Identity Theft Defense
Possession of Identity Document Defense
Possession of Financial Device Defense
Possession of Identity Theft Tools Defense
Computer Crimes Defense
Internet Crimes Defense
Incest Defense
Child Abuse Defense
Habitual Child Abusers Defense
Trafficking In Children Defense
Sexual Exploitation of a Child Defense
Harboring A Minor Defense
Contributing to the Delinquency of Minor Defense
Obscenity Defense
Prostitution Defense
Public Indecency Defense
Indecent Exposure Defense
Child Prostitution Defense
Sexually Explicit Materials Defense
Criminal Invasion of Privacy Defense
Obstruction of Justice Defense
Obstruction of Government Operations Defense
Resisting Arrest Defense
Obstructing Police Officer Defense
Obstructing FireFighter Defense
Obstructing Emergency Medical Service Providers Defense
False Reporting Defense
Impersonating a Peace Officer Defense
Impersonating a Public Servant Defense
Abuse of Public Records Defense
Disarming a Peace Officer Defense
Escape from Custody Defense
Violation of Bail Bond Conditions Defense
Violation of Protection Order Defense
Corrupt Influencing Defense
Abuse of Public Office Defense
Perjury Defense
False Swearing Defense
Intimidating a Witness Defense
Tampering with Witness Defense
Jury Tampering Defense
Tampering with Evidence Defense
Retaliation Against a Witness Defense
Retaliation Against Judge Defense
Retaliation Against a Juror Defense
Intimidating a Victim Defense
Retaliation Against a Victim Defense
Tampering with Victim Defense
Disorderly Conduct Defense
Crimes at School Defense
Harassment Defense
Vehicular Eluding Defense
Firearms Violation Defense
Bias Motivated Crimes Defense
Minor In Possession of Alcohol Defense
Minor in Possession of Marijuana
Cruelty to Animal Defense
Wiretapping Defense
Abuse of Telephone Defense
Eavesdropping Defense
Inciting a Riot Defense
White Collar Crimes Defense
Murder Defense
Manslaughter Defense
Homicide Defense
Vehicular Homicide Defense
Vehicular Assault Defense
Menacing Defense
Criminal Extortion Defense
Crimes Against at Risk Juveniles Defense
Crimes Against at Risk Adults Defense
Kidnapping Defense
False Imprisonment Defense
Unlawful Sexual Behavior Defense
Human Trafficking Defense
Stalking Defense
Arson Defense
Drug Crimes Defense
Gambling Crimes Defense
Possession of Weapons by Previous Offenders Defense
Prohibited Use of Weapons Defense

As a criminal defense attorney, V Iyer strives to have long-lasting relationships with his clients, and he will do whatever it takes to earn your trust. He believes every client deserves personal attention, ethical and honest representation, as well as the brightest legal minds on their side.




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