What is the Reputation Score?

Our Reputation Score is our effort to rate a business’s reputation by taking into consideration more than just reviews. The score is calculated using a proprietary model that considers publicly available information that we collect and analyze from various data companies, as well as the information a business provides to us. The score also considers the quality and quantity of pr.business reviews. These factors,in our opinion, are relevant in determining a business’s reputation.
Unlike our competitors, we believe there are more factors to evaluate a business on than just reviews. For example, we think that just because the new pizza restaurant down the street has only a single one-star review declaring that it serves «the worst pepperoni pizza ever» doesn’t mean that a customer should write it off for good. Similarly, just because a dentist has a few five-star reviews doesn’t mean that a patient should make an appointment to get a cavity filled without doing some more research. Because there is more to a business than the amount and star-ratings of its reviews, we also weigh the publicly available information about a business that we periodically collect and update from our multiple data partners and sources, including Acxiom, as well as a business’s own submissions to us.
In our opinion, a proactive business that takes the time to ensure that its customers can easily find real, recent, and relevant information and content about it deserves recognition. We think a business shouldn’t be defined only by what its customers are saying about it. In our opinion, it’s also important to consider what the business puts out into the world. The Reputation Score is not intended to be the only factor you look at when choosing a business. The score is only based on the information we have collected about a business through our data partners and a business’s submissions.Most importantly, please remember the Reputation Score is calculated on factors that we — in our opinion - believe are relevant in gauging a business.

How does a business improve its Reputation Score?

  • Business Submissions.A business owner can easily take advantage of the opportunity to submit corrected or additional information about their business. Within seventy-two (72) hours of a verified submission, we will publish the corrected or additional information.
  • Directory Updates.We collect a business’s details from our data partners, whose information is based on publicly available content. When a business updates its information with one of our data partners (and we perform a periodic update), a business’s scoremaybe affected. Find out more about updating hundreds of directories with just one click.
  • Ask for Reviews.Just like any other review website, a business does not need to claim its page to generate reviews. Remember, the quality and quantity of a business’s pr.business reviews impacts a business’s score. By simply asking your customers for reviews, you can easily improve your score.
While we can’t publish theexactdetails of the weight we assign to different information, we can tell you this: in addition to the quality and quantity of pr.business reviews a business has, we do consider the relevant details a business makes available to their potential and existing customers, such as address, phone, website, business description, and business hours.