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4500 Delemere Blvd Royal Oak, Michigan, 48073

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(800) 934-6489

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as with ALL COMCAST service centers... VERY LONG WAIT. I walked in on Saturday and obtained ticket # 76 and they were on 45. the waiting room was large, but they crammed 30? chairs together.. there is no way 2 strangers can sit side by side. Did you read that...30 chairs... what on earth takes so long to pay a bill or return a product.. The workers at this place are nice and friendly..that is why I gave it 2 stars.. the company itself/ COMCAST only cares about draining you money wise. I have had issues with my internet so I called for help... well over a period of 3 months I was hung up on 5 times... HUNG UP ON! so I tried to contact via "Comcast chat" and was ignored/shut off3 times once they learned I wanted to return my modem. EVERY TIME I called trying to fix my internet they sounded friendly and happy, but quickly wanted to upgrade my services and no longer were interested in my issues. COMCAST call centers know how to speak English, but DO NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! So after a 3month being ignored/hung up on/and being billed for something that did not work, I waited over 2 hours in this waiting room to finally return my modem.The person at the counter was nice/helpful and gracefully listened to me complain about Comcast and finally resolved my concern..but took 2 hours! Comcast has great products, BUT IS TERRIBLE AT listening to customers,caring for customers,and do not understand ENGLISH when you say you have an issue and they say, "I am sorry,do you know you qualify for an upgrade,we can save you some money?" WOST CUSTOMER SERVICE at COMCAST! service center is ok if you don't mind wasting an entire afternoon traveling to this place,waiting,and then returning home.
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Called and set up for service, taking a LONG, LONG time to work out the details of a triple play with Alarm, Cable and Internet. Some horrid woman in Atlanta's collection department cancelled the order without notice and the only way to release it was to call her line. Turns out a deadbeat had left the home 3 years earlier without paying a bill. She refused to answer the line. 70 calls to customer service and every single one was helpless and could not reach her. Local staff put in an email trouble ticket. Another sadist from Atlanta cancelled that with the message that it was an invalid order and she had called the former deadbeat's phone and didn't get an answers so she cancelled the trouble ticket. I was a 13-year customer in perfect standing transferring service and they could easily verify I was not the deadbeat restarting the service but then never even called me. I finally reached "Anna" and she said "you going to have to proof you are who you say you are." I asked her if she cancelled my order or was it only frozen. She said I had to re-do it from scratch. I lost my triple play pricing plus a free camera promotion! I was really annoyed. She said she tried to reach me before she cancelled the order. Turns out she put the deadbeat's old phone number on my new transfer account and called that! Absurd! I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said sure, then disconnected the call. She then refused to answer the line or return calls for 10 TEN DAYS! I finally resorted to calling random numbers in sequence 1 number off from her number leaving messages with everyone in the Atlanta office. Finally I reached one live, after 10 days and she made me speak to Anna despite my protests. Anna then claimed that she had blocked the address because they had put in my social security number incorrectly. LIE LIE LIE. But I was sweet and bit my tongue as she had unlimited, unchecked power. Later I called some co-workers in her department asking for the supervisor to call. They never of course passed on the message. Turns out my triple play was no longer offered, allegedly, even though I could see the pricing online as still valid for 2 more weeks. My free camera promotion was long lost. I called the city of Brighton where I was moving from and complained and they put in a call to corporate. They did call and said they would re-create my deal. BUt that was false. They didn't. They said "they couldn't" They ended up after 5 more calls giving me a smaller but less valuable discount from what was promised. I highly recommend that if you can you go with WOW cable instead of Comcast. Comcast is an outrage.
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Do not give this company a single dollar of your money. I won't deny that they have good product as far as cable TV is concerened but the amount that they charge for their service is outrageous! Not to mention the fact that the customer service is god awful. I scheduled a service transfer to my new house but somehow Comcast had my address off by 1 number. The technician was standing on my front porch talking with me and telling me how he could not do the install because the address was incorrect in their system. HE WAS STANDING ON MY FRONT PORCH AND TOLD ME HE COULDN'T DO THE INSTALL BECAUSE COMCAST HAD MY ADDRESS WRONG!! Are you kidding me!! I called Comcast while he was still there and I was told the same thing that the technician told me, that there was nothing they could do but cancel my install for that day and reschedule my install for another day. Again, I reiterate.... THE TECHNICIAN WAS ALREADY AT MY HOUSE!!!! Unreal. At this point I decided to just cancel Comcast all together and after being disconnected twice and transferred multiple times (sometimes right back to the same department that said they would transfer me to a different department) I was finally able to cancel all of my Comcast services. I will NEVER be a Comcast customer again. Do yourself a favor and get AT&T if it's available in your area.
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If you expect to reach a human being at Comcast customer support within 30 minutes or less, DON'T!!!! Comcast has not just terrible, but HORRIFIC customer service. It would be one thing to actually reach a human being, but instead you wait on the phone for 30+ minutes and then get a VM message, prompting you to leave your information. THEY NEVER RETURN YOUR CALL!!! This reminds me of the old Ma' Bell (telephone company). Maybe the FCC needs to break up Comcast like the old Bell telephone system, so you can actually receive customer service of any type!
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There is never a line at this Comcast location in Royal oak. Best customer service around.

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