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15830 W State Road 84 Sunrise, Florida, 33326

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(954) 389-5507

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With over 26 years of experience, Westgate Chiropractic has a mission and it is to earn the trust and respect of all our patients by providing excellent health care in a very caring atmosphere. We provide complete, personalized, gentle, effective total health care. It is our goal to provide our clients with state-of-the-art, comprehensive wellness. Dr. Brian Fergang is certified in Applied Kinesiology and licensed to practiced Chiropractic in Florida, New York and New Jersey. Dr. Leslie Fergang is a certified instructor in practicing NAET, as well as Eastern healing techniques. At our Sunrise, Florida location, we offer a variety of services such as chiropractic, NAET, acupuncture, BARS, kinesiology, homeopathy, nutrition, Juice Plus+, and the Photon Genie. For questions about services and prices, please call us at 954-389-5507 or visit our website
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Food Allergy and ADHD Miracle! At age 18 my daughter suffered from 24 food allergies. Her belly was always bloated and she was never comfortable. I was skeptical of NAET treatment but quickly became a believer after watching my daughter transform. When her treatment was complete she was able to eat all foods and be still for the first time in her life. We were thrilled to have a happy and a healthy child. At age nine, we discovered her trouble focusing was it due to attention deficit disorder. Dr. Leslie came to the rescue again. With a few weeks of treatment and adding a natural supplement to her diet we again have a brand-new kid! Her ability to focus now is amazing and she is succeeding in school, at home and in dance class. We are extremely grateful for the health Dr. Fergang has given us.
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Cuando mi hijo era bebe lo diagnosticaron como asmático y durante mucho tiempo lo tratamos como tal, cuando cumplió los 9 años conocimos a la Dra Fergang, gracias al tratamiento de NAET mi hijo, que ahora tiene 16 años, nunca mas tuvo episodios de asma. Gracias. L..B. Attie
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Three very fine practitioners...two who practice non invasive allergy treatments (NAET) with uncanny skill, intuition and accuracy and an excellent chiropracter, best of all there is never a long wait.
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At the age of 12, for no reason and with no warning, my body was covered from head to toe with hives on a daily basis. After being hospitalized for severe swelling, missing multiple weeks of school, 3 doses of steroids, and numerous stumped doctors, my mom discovered Dr. Leslie. Within a few months of regular NAET treatments, my hives had disappeared. By the age of 22, my hives and Dr. Leslie were a distant memory. However, for no reason and with no warning once again, In January of 2013 my body was covered from head to toe with hives. As I was away from home at college, I put my faith in other doctors and steroid treatments. With my hives only getting worse, blood tests coming back negative, and stumped doctors, I came home to see Dr. Leslie in March. Within just a few NAET treatments, she was able to reduce the severity and frequency of my hives. By June of 2013, I was hive free. Dr. Leslie was able to relate my hives to specific food and environmental allergies, and create a flexible treatment plan that worked with my schedule and life at college. Over the past year and a half I have moved across the country, yet continue to make a point to see Dr. Leslie and receive NAET treatments for other minor ailments when I am in South Florida. The warmth, caring, and extreme patience she has shown me is unlike ANY doctor I have ever seen. She is truly a miracle worker and I would recommend her to absolutely anyone.
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I was in a bad car accident recently and my back hasn't been the same since. I was trying to find a chiropractor in my area with good experience and I couldn't find one until I came across Westgate Chiropractic. After a few appointments with Dr. Fergang and his team, my back is finally better. Thank you, Dr. Fergang for making me healthy again and getting me back to being my normal self!

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