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We have learned over the past 25+ years that the human mind can perform at very high levels on continual basis. So our goal here at The Focused Mind is to assist you with reaching your potential in one or all four areas of life.

Carl W. Zev is the founder and CEO of Coach37/The Focused Mind. Coach37 is a sales training, life coaching and motivational speaking firm, based in New York, with a focus on Mental Focus, Goal Setting, Positive Attitude and Mental Toughness.
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The motivation and perserverance Ive seen in the Founder and team of executives and mentors are excited and motivating on a daily basis , they have been consistent and I appreciate the level of motivation they have shared with me so far, Looking forward to the growth with in this university. possibilities are endless
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Thanks Zev Training for helping us with managing stress during the 19 virus...R.T.
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I would like to thank Mr. Zev for showing me there is a better way to think and approach life. His 7 step system The Focused Mind was a eye opener...I have improved my confident and have reduce my fears. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel..GB
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Excellent company and the training materials was just what my team needed. It gave us a better understanding of what it take to perform at a high level. It takes belief, passion and a true road map for success! Thanks again Mark J.

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